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January 14, 2011

Hospital gets biometric identification system

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The Chitradurga District Hospital has become the first government hospital in the State to install biometric identification machines and eight closed-circuit cameras in various prominent areas of the hospital to enhance its functioning.

“Quite often I received complaint from patients that doctors do not visit their wards. Another common complaint of the doctors was that people, mainly men, enter the maternity wards without permission.

“To avoid such complaints and to bring in discipline in the functioning of the hospital, these equipment were installed,” said District Surgeon K. Jagadish.

State-of-the-art:District Surgeon K. Jagadish monitoring the

activity of the hospital staff on CCTV from his chamber in the Chitradurga

He told The Hindu that cameras have been installed in important places, including the maternity ward, post-neonatal unit, corridors and at the entrance of the hospital building.

Having set up a computer in his chamber, Dr. Jagadish says that he could monitor the routine activities of the hospital from right inside his office.

He said that in the absence of CCTV, he, most of the time, had had to visit each ward to resolve complaints. “I had to spend a considerable time of my administrative hours only for visiting wards to address these small issues.

“But now, this problem is solved. Using microphones installed at my desk, I can direct any staff member to resolve the issue. The technology has given me ample time to work on other important aspects of the hospital,” he said.

Dr. Jagadish said that being aware of the cameras monitoring them, even the staff members have become active in their duties.

About the biometric system, Dr. Jagadish said that thumb impressions of all 365 staff members have been captured in the machine. It has been mandated that all staff should use the machine four times a day during their duty hours.

“Once a month, I get the computer extract of the attendance marked in the machine and hand it over to the department concerned for disbursement of salaries,” he said.

Dr. Jagadish felt that such system should be adopted in all government hospitals of the State to bring in effective changes in their functioning.

Source:  The Hindu


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