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January 24, 2011

For security, schools start biometric scan at gates for parents

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On Thursday afternoon, Dr Suvidya Ingale and his wife took an hour-long break from their clinic for a visit to their daughter’s school. Not for a PTA meeting or for a school function but to give their thumb-impression for the biometric machine and get their photos clicked. The drive, started for security reasons, is being carried out for parents at all three branches of The Bishop’s School.

Later, in February, the school plans to introduce the same rule for guardians and school-bus drivers too.

The Bishop’s School which has got around 10,000 students in its three branches, will soon have a bio-metric system installed at the main gates.

Similar projects will be implemented by the second week of March at RIMS International School. The project, called RIMS-Connect, has been operational at its Mumbai branch since October 2010. The data collection activity for the Pune branch, that has around 300 students, is already complete. Other security measures taken by the school include 30 CCTV cameras, installed after the German Bakery blast. “The step was taken on the recommendation of police officials,” said Museeb Rais, director, RIMS.

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August 19, 2008

Karnataka-Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation: ‘Biometric attendance’ comes into force

The “Biometric Attendance system” at the Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation was inaugurated by Belgaum Regional Commissioner Amita Prasad here on Friday.

Corporation commissioner Ajay Nagabhushan, and executive engineer L.R. Nayak were present.

Identity cards

According to a press release, the corporation has issued identity cards to all employees working in the head office and in the 12 zonal offices.

Under the new system, the employees have to swap the identity card issued to them on the biometric equipment and identify themselves through the fingerprint. The equipment will scan their fingerprint to register the attendance.

Register attendance

The employees have to compulsorily register their attendance through the new system when they come to the office in the morning and while leaving the office in the evening.

According to official sources, the employees have been given information on the new system, which came into force from Friday.

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